Gluten free

We know that gluten may become a real problem for gluten-intolerant poeople. Luckily, VERI BERI fruit strips are made of fruit products only, therefore is absolutely gluten free! That’s why VERI BERI is a perfect delight for gluten-intolerant people.

100% fruits

Why do we call VERI BERI as fruit strips? Because they are made of fruit ingredients only! YES – all the raw materials used during the production of VERI BERI are derived from fruits and berries. You won’t find any ingredient, that is not made from fruits.

No added sugars

VERI BERI is a sweet delight, however it does not have any added sugars, nor any other sweeteners. The secret of that is we carefully select only ripe and naturally sweet fruits. So why adding any extra sugar if mother nature provides us with natural sweetness?!

Source of fibres

Do You know, that dietary fibres are extremely important for our bodies and digestive system? It is scientifically proven, that dietary fibre helps to clean our bodies from the inside, supports healthy microflora in our bowel and affects the overall good feeling and good mood. VERI BERI fruits strips are rich in dietary fibres, that’s why eating VERI BERI always gives a smile in your face!

No artificial additives

VERI BERI fruit strips does not try to attract with bright colors, artificially rich taste or flavor. We value natural look and taste, therefore we do not use any dyes, taste enhancers or artificial flavors. As well as preservatives. As VERI BERI fruit strips can natually last very long, packed in it’s original packaging, thanks to special production process.

Vegan friendly

Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the taste of VERI BERI fruit strips, because they do not contain any animal derived ingredients, such as gelatin or any others. Only fruits and berries. That’s it !

Only natural raw materials of fruits and berries are being used in the production of VERI BERI fruit strips. Juices and purees of fruits and berries are mixed together with natural gelling agent pectin, which is common in many fruits. We add some extra dietary citrus fibre, which gives more thickness and body to the product, and is extremely usefull for our digestive system.

We cook the whole fruit mixture for a very short time, just to evaporate most of the water. This process is called concentration. Concentrated thick fruit mass is formed into the fruit strips VERI BERI, which get’s packed and awaits You in the stores.


FSSC 22000

Our commitment to produce only highest quality products, made of highest quality ingredients and have highest standards of work ethics, hygiene and food safety is acknowledged by international food safety and quality certificate FSSC 22000 (https://www.fssc.com/schemes/fssc-22000/)


More and more people from all over the world discover and get in love with VERI BERI fruit strips. We want to ensure, that everybody could enjoy the taste of our product, despite religious, political, racial, ethnical or whatever differences. That’s why our VERI BERI fruit strips are certified with HALAL certificate.

About us

VERI BERI fruit strips were designed and created by us – Erika and Edgaras. We are brother and sister and VERI BERI is our family member, which we raised from the launch, watched it’s first steps in the harsh world of trade and now we are excited to see VERI BERI present not only in local Lithuanian market, but also widely spreading in many foreign countries. Want to know more about VERI BERI? Write us 🙂

UAB Presberia. Mokslininkų str. 6a, Vilnius, Lithuania.